I am a working professional, mother, wife, and small business owner. I come from a big Mexican family but married into a Middle Eastern one. I am the youngest of seven children. I have the creativity bug, so you will always find me working on DIY, crafts, or sewing projects. Like many people, I suffer from a heightened sense of smell, in addition to chemical sensitivity. Many over the counter household cleaning items, fumes, perfumes, lotions, sunblock, and candles cause me to get very sick. These challenges encouraged me to make my own skincare products.

Owning a business was not something I was planning for. My husband encouraged me to turn it into a business after seeing the numerous requests for my soaps and creams from my friends and colleagues, which is when this small business began.

During my struggles to find a face moisturizer, I discovered essential oils that would not make me sick or irritate my skin. I spent months reading and learning about essential oils and creating different iterations of my Bella cream until I found the right formula. This was shortly followed by soapmaking, which developed from an interest in the subject, which led me to take some soapmaking classes, putting the creativity bug into overdrive.

This business began as a nudge from my husband and turned into a passion that I poured my heart and soul into with the hope of helping others who appreciate hand made products and might suffer from the same sensitivities I deal with.

Thank you for considering my products, and thank you for your support.

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